Thursday, September 20, 2007

Off Again

Just a drive by - I'm leaving today to head to Richmond, KY to Magic, Mischief and Mayhem hosted by the fun and fabulous Goddess of Beaderly Delights herself, Annie Hesse.

I'll just be there for this weekend, then returning home only to go back next weekend. Couldn't stay for the mid-week classes due to WORK. That dreaded four letter word that always gets in the way of my fun.

Anyway, just wanted to leave you with a picture of a doll I did at another workshop some years ago. This was a doll created with the coaching of a very talented doll artist named Akiko Anzai. Her work is equisite!

Akiko uses COTTON batting and stuffs VERY firmly. I still have blisters on my hands where the hemostats hit me. But I do love this doll!

I promise to post LOTS of pictures when I get back. I packed my camera AND the battery charger (and the sewing machine, the fabric, the beads, the tools and a change of knickers).

I'm ready to GO!

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