Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Singing the Blues

Between health issues, the myriad of new medications, my daughter moving to Japan AND my extremely stressful job - I haven't felt like doing much of anything.  I finally decided to suck it up and finish a doll that has been languishing in my sewing room for over a year.
Meet Blu.

Front View

Close Up
Back View


This was from a class with Allison Marano over a year and a half ago!!  I figured since I was blue - she should be too.
Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Summer Romance

My hubby and I had a getaway weekend in the mountains of North Carolina.  I have (in the past) been accused of being a cat magnet.
Meet Charley - my love for the weekend.  Charley joined us for dinner most evenings, and even hung out with us in front of the outdoor fireplace.  He listened to my troubles and showed that he really cared.  It killed me to leave him behind, but I know he loves his mountain home.
I miss you, Charley!  Thanks for the wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ode to Bread

Bread - the staff of life!  Yet to some of us - it's a death sentence.
Last August, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  The endless trips to the bathroom, the pain, the bloating - it explains it all.  EXCEPT how to deal with bread withdrawal.
There are mixes and frozen breads - but unless you like eating a brick covered in butter, there's just no comparison.
The gluten free cookies and pretzels and cakes are all tasty enough.  But there is nothing that can compare to real bread.
Crusty French bread, chewy Italian bread, real New York bagels and my favorite from Bread with Appeal in Chicago - the Kalamata Olive bread are all on my permanently-given-up-for-Lent list.  But that doesn't stop me from missing them.
If ANYONE knows of any real bread out there - PLEASE let me know.  I've tried Udi's, Katz's, and every other gluten free brand out there BUT it's NOT real bread.
God, I sure miss bread...