Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Blows...

A Hurricane?? In southern Indiana??
Allow me to whine a bit...
We are without power, I have two new skylights complements of the massive trees in my front yard and the water company is threatening to shut off the water to our area. WAH!
I know there are folks down south who not only have the wind damage, but the water damage as well. As a "survivor" of Hurricane Alicia in 1983, I know the devastation it causes. Please everyone, stay safe. I hope we can all get back to normal as soon as possible.

First to go was the top of the chimney thanks to the neighbor's tree:

Then came the hole in my studio! This is breaking my heart:

Then the "Piece d'resistance", the tree through the master bedroom roof/wall and the garage:

The Full Monty:

The garage is structurally damaged - you can see the cracks in the brickwork and the bowing of the door frame. We have a tree service that is coming tomorrow to remove the trees and a contractor to tarp up the holes - but goodness only knows when the adjustor will get out to us. Our insurance company has said "Pay the bills and we'll reimburse you". Yeah, right - who has that kind of money lying around. Is it always this frustrating to get your life back?

I'm off my pity pot now. Hope everyone who has had a visit from this most unwelcome traveler gets their life back soon.