Friday, September 14, 2007

Look What I Got!

My hubby is a chef - not just any chef, one that worked for royalty (but that's another story). Now he spends his time training the future chefs of America. He started his semester break last week - and LOOK WHAT HE DID FOR ME!

He is ex-military and very regimented and organized. I love to dye fabrics, fibers and anything I can get my hands on (the cats run when I start the process). My dyes, resists, mordants, etc were all a big mess in the basement. When I came home from work yesterday, hubby told me he'd been cleaning up the basement (usually that means just pitching stuff out). OH, OH! I thought - he threw away my stuff (I'm a self professed pack rat). When I went racing downstairs to see what happened, this is what greeted me:

It's my very own DYE STATION!

The cabinets hold the mordants, resist, tjangs, measuring spoons, etc. The containers are on the counter top. The dyes are in the shelves (this is the top to our dining room hutch that we removed to make the dining room feel larger). ISN'T THIS AWESOME?!?!?

All my PFD fabrics are organized and in shelves next to where I stood to take this picture. Now I have no excuses.

Look for some dyed fabrics coming to a blog post near you!

IT'S FRIDAY, FOLKS! Have a GREAT weekend. We're off to North Carolina, so I'll see you again on Monday.

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