Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Night Can of Tuna

Living (or should I say being allowed to live) in the same house as three cats has it's challenges. Every spring during the famous "spring shed", we play "tiptoe through the hairballs" every time we come home from work. The favorite chair is a favorite of felines and humans alike. But one tradition we've come to love is the weekly Friday can of tuna.
Now Friday nights are special. As someone who has been in the workforce for 35+ years, Friday can never come soon enough. I don't know if the cats can sense this or if they can smell that tuna coming - but each Friday they are rewarded with a can of solid white Albacore tuna in water (and the humans are rewarded with a nice bottle of Cabernet or Shiraz).
I now present to you the Tuna Lovers of Kentuckiana:

This is Sootz - the undisputed Queen of the Castle. She always looks at you as if to say "Peasants! Bring me my throne!"

This is April - littermate to Sootz. April is NOT the brightest crayon in the box. We've seen her leap from one piece of furniture to the next and MISS.

This is Tessa - a throwaway kitty who came to us all the way from Texas (long story). Tessa is the Matriarch of the house and the sweetest little thing on four paws. She is very comforting and seems to know when you need some purr therapy.

Last (but not least) is a picture of my newest grandson - Ozzie. My oldest is a Resident at UK Med Center (Emergency Medicine) and while he and his lovely wife, Dawn, have been married for 9 years, I have NO grandbabies. I do however have grand-furbabies. Ozzie is the baby. He's a wild man - but with a face like this, he can get away with anything.
Thanks for listening! May there be many cans of tuna in your Friday!


Jan D said...

Hmmm Ozzie could be our MR moo's twin!! WOnder if their personalities are as much alike as their looks??? jandee

Clothmatters said...

Love your cats!