Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall has Fell...

Living in the woods has its advantages - fall color is one of them!  Behold:

Note the fish hospital in the front of the pond.  Yes, Kamen is still not well, but holding on.

Now for a close up of the leaves:

And Danielle - remember those goofy pink flamingoes from Naperville?  Well, guess who flew south for the winter?

And a couple of more pix - this time of the feline variety:

Sootz in her usual spot.  You know I cannot sew without her.

And last (but not least), this picture tells the IQ of the subject:

What has this cat so entranced is the leaves falling outside.  Yes, there is absolutely NOTHING between those ears (but we love her anyway).

These pictures were by popular request from Japan.  Danielle - we MISS YOU!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Ew. Sootzers. :)

Hm, my kitty is looking a little more... spherical. Perhaps she's getting ready for hibernation.

The leaves here need to hurry up and change! I brought all my sweaters for nothing.