Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy (?) Birthday

Yes, it is the day of my natal feast. You would have thought that your special day would be a good one.
First of all, 2:30 AM there is this tree frog singing right outside our window. Didn't matter what I did, he kept it up. Couple that with the hubby's snoring and there was no hope for sleep. YES - 2:30 AM!!!!
Next, I go up to my sewing room to find one of the cats decided to pee on one of my tote bags. So, I decided to try and organize the sewing room and ended up sitting on the floor in tears. I can't find anything, don't have a clue how to organize it and it's a mess.

This is the main reason why:

I R in yur room shedding on yur fabrik!

Anyway, I wanted to share a story - a love story.
We do have a gorgeous backyard complete with large koi pond. About 2 years ago, we had an attack of "Ich" a fish disease. We lost many of our fish, but 3 survived including our large koi, Kamen (Kamen means "mask" in Japanese - he looks like he's wearing a mask). Kamen kept stopping and going belly up, but our little koi Sakaki kept pushing him along. Whenever he wanted to give up, she nudged him and kept him going. Eventually, he recovered and they became quite an item (they have the children to prove it).
Yesterday, we saw the telltale signs of Ich again. David ran out to get the salt and fungicide, but Kamen is really stricken with it (its strange - none of the other fish have it). Sure enough, there is Sakaki pushing him along. Whoever believes that fish don't have feelings haven't see these two.

Sakaki is the large butterfly koi and Kamen is the gold one.

Get well soon, Kamen! We cannot imagine our garden without you.

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