Saturday, November 3, 2007

More Relaxed Round Robin

Work has been getting in the way of play again. HOWEVER, I did finish the latest Round Robin visitor:

This is Velia's doll and the poor baby had her arms in the box AND NO HANDS!

I added hands to her arms and put them on her body. It looked like it needed a bit of "foofing" up, so I added braided trim and lace to her cuffs then also around her neck. A purple jewel finishes off the neckline.

This doll will be on the way to Connie's on Monday. I'm now doll-less. HELP - send more body parts!

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michelledolls said...

Hi Denise,
I love your dolls, very nice.
Thanks for comments on my Merry Maubles. This is a great pattern for busy people, very quick and you can make lots in no time, with endless variations, teachers will love it.
I just converted it to PDF, it's available as a E-pattern (means you can recieve it via email) in Word or Pdf format.
Or you can get it the usual way as a paper pattern, I'm off to the printers tomorrow.
Cheers, Michelle