Sunday, October 21, 2007

Relaxed Round Robin

Blogger seems to be cooperating for the time being, so here goes...
I belong to an internet doll club called Doll Street Dreamers, and I'm participating in the Relaxed Round Robin. Why Relaxed? There's NO rules - and if life gets in the way, no one is going to sweat the deadlines. I LOVE THIS GROUP! Not only is everyone really sweet and fun to talk to, but we're all playing really nice together!
Which is a good thing, because I am one of the ones holding up the show so to speak.
Anyway, this week - I managed to finish TWO of the dolls!
This doll belongs to Mary. I'm not that talented and really, really, really was nervous putting the face on someone else's doll. I even tried a new technique - cloth over, and shading with pastel pencils ala the fabulously talented Natalie Hamade.
Here is Mary's doll, complete with face, hair and red velvet turban:

She's off to Connie now!

Then onto Peggy's wild and colorful baby!

She didn't have much in the way of clothes, so I decided to add a skirt. There are 2 layers of tulle (turquoise and purple) and a turquoise embroidered overskirt. There are 2 ribbons for the waistband AND I added colorful ribbons around the waist. She decided to take over the throne to pose for her picture, and here she is:

She''ll be on her way to Connie's shortly.

I have one last doll belonging to Velia. I haven't opened the box yet, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do to her.

If you ever have the chance to do a Round Robin - grab it! This is FUN!

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Judi Wellnitz said...

The face on Mary's doll is fantastic! You are doing a great job with all the RR dolls. Don't you love it when there are few rules and no stress! Make you way more creative.