Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gimme a Break!

Our house still is not put back together - between an imcompetent and sloppy contractor and the insurance company from hell, our poor house (and checkbook) is taking a beating. I am VERY sorry that a hurricane came through and decided to trash our home BUT that's why we have insurance. Why these insurance companies feel like they shouldn't have to pay for things like roofs and gutters is beyond me.
To add insult to injury - I FELL! And yes, I did some damage. Like breaking my left elbow and shoulder! I am wrapped up like a mummy, cannot create and I'm sick and tired of doing things with one hand!! Which is why I haven't posted - I can't operate my camera and it takes forever to type a post.

I did find this fun little quiz, which I thought I would share.

Hope to be back soon!

Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.

In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.

And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.

You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

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