Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Elfin Traveler

We just got back from Florida - but that's another post entirely.

In an effort to "recover" and get back to normal, I worked on the next doll in our Relaxed Round Robin:

I give you Hazel's ELF!

Now as a creature of the forest, you sometimes run into not-so-friendly beasts who attempt to steal your dinner - or turn YOU into dinner.

What better to give an elf than a magical SWORD!

The chestnut brown suede scabbard is held up with an embroidered belt. The embroidery is leaves - of the elf clan our traveler belongs to.

The belt is also decorated with charms from the other clan members to help and protect the elf on his journey.

Isn't he grand? I just had to photograph him out in the woods. What better place?
Thanks for taking a peek!

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Chez Le Pouppe said...

Great job Denise, I am glad you are home safe. Merry Christmas. Velia