Thursday, April 5, 2007

Long Time, No Post!

Yes, I know.
Life has a way of interfering with your FUN!
I've joined a group on the internet that has SO much energy and SO much creativity that they are inspiring me to not only spend some creative time each and every day, but also to step outside my comfort zone.
Anyway, I made a fabric postcard! I wanted it to represent the world around me - which is woods. We have a pond rimmed with stones that is a work in progress (actually, my hubby's therapy). This a picture from last summer - the water isn't always that murky but hubby had just cleaned the pond filter:

SO - this wonderful view (and you don't see the half of it) is my solace and inspiration. With that being said, here is my postcard:

Not too bad for a first timer, eh?
The group is called Fiber Art Traders and they can be found on Yahoo! groups. Come join in the fun!


~Vix~ said...

Denise! Awesome postcard! I'm glad that FAT has inspired you and you also found inspiration in your place of solice to create a fiber art postcard! You Rock! Hugs,

Jan D said...

Never done one but this one inspires me Great work Jandee